Top Full Baby Spa

Try something new with your little ones! Dealing with an active baby at home? Or looking for ways to get your baby on more physical activities? Here comes the life-saver for parents —— Top Full Baby Spa!
Baby Spa Brings a Multitude of Health Benefits

Having spent 9 months floating in the amniotic fluid in the womb, baby spa treatment provides a similar environment for babies to kick around and enjoy the water therapy. The baby spa is reportedly said to encourage brain development by stimulating sensory development through body coordination in the water. Like any good exercise, baby spa helps to increase your baby’s physical work-out and therefore, improve your baby’s appetite.
0.01 Micron Water Filtration System For Clean, Healthy Pool Water

In case you are concerned about the quality of water, Top Full Baby Spa uses ultra-filtration system that achieves up to 0.01 micron filtration efficiency, equivalent to a particle size that is 1000 times finer than a hair strain without removing the much-needed minerals in the water.  The pool water is safe for even the most delicate skin of your baby.
Dedicated Personnel with Therapeutic Massage Service

Each baby spa session lasts about 45 minutes to 1 hour, under the supervision of our dedicated personnel. After about 15 – 20 minutes in the water, our personnel will perform a dedicated massage service for your baby, which is effective to promote blood circulation and strengthen the immune system.  
Equipped with café and meal service, Top Full Baby Spa provides a relaxing environment for the parents to unwind while the babies are having their fun time in the water. Enjoy a hightea session here with your best friends as we pamper your babies with top-class treatments at Top Full Baby Spa.  

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